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Prevention of Premature old age
      According to Ayurvedic ideal, old age starts long after one has passed his seventieth year. It is however, the general experience at present that a man starts growing old from forty onwards. Old age is a slow and continuous process of physical deterioration in strength, in energy and in initiative, and cannot meet the requirements of an active life. 

      During this stage one starts feeling tired and exhausted, incapable of performing both physical as well as mental activities, memory, intelligence etc starts diminishing and one is easily affected by diseases. Apart from this the other changes that occurs are
  • The fleshy parts become loose, slack, relaxed, feeble, flabby, and distended;
  • The joints get loose and slack
  • The Rakta (blood) gets heated, the wrong way
  • The fat in the body flows away in excess; it loses its hardness, stability and solidity;
  • The Majja (marrow) gets loose and is not so densely formed within the bones as before;
  • Sukra (ovum or sperm) is not produced; 
  • The Ojas (power) diminishes almost completely; the person so affected,
    • Becomes lazy,
    • Always lives in a dejected condition,
    • Sleeps much, and
    • Faints often 
The main causes of premature old age are
  • Eating the same type of food cultivated in the same soil, year after year;
  • Eating food:
    • That is sour, hot and alkaline,
    • That is made out of dried vegetables or dried flesh;
    • That is composed of sesame sweets and starchy foods.
  • Eating food prepared out of:
    • Germinated grains, new corn bearing bristles and pods, 
    • Incompatible food substances,
    • The unusual,
    • The fatless,
    • Alkaline 
    • The laxative substances
  • Eating food that is:
    • Over moist, 
    • Difficult to digest, 
    • Putrid or 
    • Stale. 
    • Untimely; either too much or too little; or 
    • Generally eaten before the food taken previously is digested.
  • Habitual practice of:
    • Day-time sleep
    • Daily sexual enjoyment, 
    • Daily drinking of wine;
  • Stimulation of body on account of exercise taken irregularly or too much; 
  • Habitual over-excitement of the mind due to fear, anger, lamentation, greed, insensibility and exertion.
The Healing Process
        According to Caraka all the physical defects of a chronic type can be corrected by a process that was not only successful in the case of Gods, but also proved equally effective in the case of human beings like Cyavana Maharsi and many others who obtained with it youthfulness again and were able to gain the love and amour of their beloveds. 

        This wonderful process is described as Rasayana Vidhi by Caraka, Sudruta and Vagbhata. It consists of two types viz:
  • Kutipraveshika 
  • Vatatapika or auryamarutika. 

        The former is much more difficult to be followed while the latter is easy and within reach of even ordinarily equipped persons. Both of these methods require purificatory preparations of the body. The person should treat himself with,

  • Sneha Vidhi i.e. a process whereby a person is made to drink oil, ghee and fat, only for a few days and light food is given during one of the meal; the person is thereafter subjected to,
  • Svedavidhi i.e. the perspiring process. During this process the person should be given the following
    Purgative composed of:
    • Microbalance powder,
    • Rock salt,
    • Jaggery 
    • Vaca
    • Visage,
    • Turmeric
    • Long pepper
    • Vibvabhesaja, along with-hot water due to which the person purges several times.
         Food should then be given, composed of barley and ghee, for about seven days so that all the old faeces are discharged. Now the Rasayana process can be administered.

         The Rasayana process should be undertaken before a man reaches his twenty-fifth year, or at least before he has completed his fiftieth year, as thereafter it is not quite as effective. 

         The Kutipraveshika process requires a special hut to be built specially for this purpose. This hut consists of three similar huts, one inside the other, with small doors and windows on opposite sides of each other. The innermost hut gets no air or sun's rays and resembles the womb of a pregnant woman. The person who has been purified in body, as mentioned above, should stay in this innermost hut, for a period required for the proper effect of the medicine. This is generally about four months and may extend even to six months.

         He has nothing else here to do except taking the medicine and following the instructions given by the attendant. He needs to concentrate his Mind on the expected results of the medicine. Many medicinal formulae have been given for this process. These are very difficult to prepare by persons under the present-day circumstances. Moreover if there is any mistake in the implementation of the method then there is a likelihood of untoward results. Hence this process does not appeal to an ordinary man.

         The other process are much better to follow. Health and Longevity are certain to follow, if the rules of maintaining health, as given in Ayurveda, are strictly followed.






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