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Day Sleep | Benefits of Sound Sleep

When the mind and the body get fatigued, state of dullness arrives. Due to this, the sense organs stop functioning for the time being, hence mind ceases to operate and an individual's interaction with the surrounding comes to a halt. This sleep is known as nidra or "Sushupti" in Ayurveda.

Nidra or sleep is another essential requirement for life and good health. Like food, sleep is also a basic instinct and essential for life. Ayurveda has described in detail the mechanism of sleep and its qualities. 
There are seven types such as
  1. Kala Swabhawa:
    Sleep, which is produced at night. This is the natural sleep, which helps in maintaining the bodily activities after its daily exhaustion.
  2. Amaykhed prabhava:
    This sleep is caused due to the effect of diseases. The worry, the pain that causes sorrow, brings about such kind of sleep.
  3. Chitakhed prabhava:
    Such kind of sleep is caused due to fatigue of mind, more stress, or deep concentration.
  4. Dehakhed prabhava:
    This sleep is brought about by fatigue of body. Daily body exertions in different kind of work lead to such kind of sleep.
  5. Due to increase in Kapha:
    Kapha, when increased in large proportions in our body leads to kaphaj nidra.
  6. Due to external causes:
    Sleep due to external injury, giddiness or when a person is in coma, is termed agantuki nidra.
  7. Tamobhava nidra:
    Dominance of tamoguna in our body leads to above type of nidra. 

Out of the above seven types Kala Swabhawa is natural which helps in protecting our body. Tamobhava on the other hand due to its tamo guna dominance is sinful and destroys the body, while the remaining five are caused due to various stages of diseases. 







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