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Good social conduct | Good Conduct | Good personal conduct

Things that one should follow are
  • One should always speak the truth.
  • One should be calm and peace loving.
  • One should be polite, brave and perfect in his work.
  • One should have the habit of forgiving others.
  • Insects and ants also should be treated with compassion and kindness.
  • God, cow, brahmana (priests), elders, physician, king and guests should be respected and worshipped.
  • Friends should be served with affection and good deeds (beneficial acts).
  • One should be very helpful even to one's foes, even though they are not helpful. 
  • One should maintain a single mind (balanced mind) during the period of wealth as well as during period of calamity. 
  • One should speak appropriate to the occasion, with words, which are good, in brief and pleasing.
  • One should start conversing (with others) first, with a pleasant face; 
  • Keeping in mind the nature of the people, one should deal with them in such a manner as best pleasing to them, becoming well versed in the art of adoring.
  • One should not be comfortable and happy alone, one should make others also like him; should neither believe nor suspect anybody.
  • Have compassion for all living beings, 
  • Control the activities of the body, speech and mind; 
  • Controlling the feelings of selfishness in the interests of others are sufficient rules of good conduct (moral behaviour).
  • One should avoid quarrelling without any reason. 
  • Sense organs should neither be strained too much nor should they be fondled too much.  
Things one should abstain from doing are
  • One should not lose control over his senses.
  • One should not crave for others' belongings and money.
  • One should not break the breach of trust and disclose others' secrets
  • One should not break one's principles of life.
  • One should not sneeze, laugh or yawn without covering his mouth.
  • One should not blow his nose unnecessarily, 
  • One should not perform ugly movements of the parts of the body,
  • One should not sit on one's own heels for a long time.
  • One should not make sound with the body parts, mouth and nails, nor shake ones hand and touch hair frequently. 
Good Mental Conduct
  • Do's
    • One should be virtuous, kind and of mild nature
    • One should always be happy
    • One should forget the reasons of anger and hatred.
    • One should bear taunts and bad words from others.
  • Don'ts 
    • One should control anger.
    • One should control happiness, sleep, jealousy, unnecessary thoughts, enmity, greed, desire for wanting more than necessary and fear.
    • One should not misuse senses (atiyoga, ayoga and mithyayoga of indriyas)
    • One should not be proud and too ambitious. 
    • One should not think badly for others.  
Advantages of good conduct
  • Good health and better life.
  • Long life span.
  • Admired and loved by others.

One who adopts the rules of good conduct will surely attain long life, health, wealth, reputation and also the eternal world.







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