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In order to lead a healthy life there are other certain things given in Ayurveda texts that one needs to consider like for e.g. in personal hygiene there are many things to be followed like hygiene related to cleanliness, diet, studies, exercise, coitus etc. which are explained in detail.
          Person should take food after digestion of the previous meal, that which is suitable to him and in limited quantity. He should follow the eight rules of diet (Ashtavidhi Aahara Visheshayatana) while consuming food.

          Food should always be freshly prepared and consumption of stale food items should be avoided. The excessive use of curds, honey, ghee and honey should be avoided. 

          Consumption of water in between meals is advised. Avoid taking foods, copulation, sleeping, study and recapitulation in the two sandhyas (the time of meeting of the night and sunrise, of the sunset and night). 
  • One should not swim opposite to the flow of the water. 
  • One should not walk facing huge fire. 
  • One should not travel in a risky boat.
  • One should not climb a tree doubtful of strength. 
  • One should not ride on a vehicle of bad condition.
  • One should not carry heavy weight on his head.
  • One should not exercise before any hard work.
  • One should not keep his knees above for long period i.e. keeping the legs folded at the knees while sleeping or standing.
The daily regime should be followed as advised. 
  • Waking up early in the morning around 4 to 6 am. (Brahma muhurta).
  • Taking bath daily, 
  • Keeping feet and orifices of waste materials (ears, nose, eyes, urethra and anus) clean; 
  • Putting on a decent and good dress, which is not superfluous but is pleasant to look at. 
  • One should always wear precious stones, 
  • One should walk holding an umbrella, wear footwear and walk looking straight at a distance of four arms length in front of him;
  • One should not initiate urges of the body (prematurely) by force; 
  • One should not be engaged in other works when the urges are patent,
  • One should not gaze at the sun for long time, 
  • One should not see continuously objects, which are minute, shinning, dirty and unpleasant. 
  • The person should avoid direct breeze, sunlight, dust, snow, dew, whirlwind, etc.
  • One should not study in the following conditions
    • During thundering and lightening
    • During bad weather
    • During festivals 
    • During falling of the comets, 
    • During the twilight
  • One should not study without a teacher
  • One should not read very small type or literature that is difficult to read
  • One should not read too slowly or too fast
  • One should not read aloud or too slow
           One should enjoy the pleasures of coitus as advised according to the Ayurveda. One should not sneeze, belch, cough, sleep, dine or copulate in improper postures. One should not perform coitus on inauspicious dates, after heavy meals, after exertion, in the evening etc.






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