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Vyayam or exercise can be defined as a systematic body activity aimed at increasing strength and stability. Muscular contraction and relaxation constitute the main part of exercises. Exercise keeps the body fit and strong. The mind also concentrates on the parts of the body involved in the exercise.
Appropriate period for exercise
  • Exercise should be performed in the morning on an empty stomach and after an oil bath.
  • Exercises should be done in open air with full concentration.  
Advantages of physical exercise
  • The body becomes lighter as exercise results in the utilization of stored nutrients in the body.
  • Increases work efficiency by strengthening the muscles and tendons. 
  • Increases the appetite and digestive power.
  • The tissue demand for food increases which manifests in the form of an increase in appetite. 
  • Reduces the stored fat. 
  • Helps one to build an attractive and strong physique even if natural charm and beauty are absent.
  • Helps easy digestion and assimilation of heavy food. 
  • Increases general resistance of the body. 
  • Gives luster to the skin. 
  • Prevents lethargy and laziness.
  • Gives power to fight against diseases. 
  • Delays old age and maintains youth. 
Contraindications for physical exercise
  • Persons having vata constitution and related disorders.
  • Persons having pitta constitution and related disorders.
  • Persons suffering from indigestion.
  • Exercise is contraindicated for children and aged people.
  • Exercise is contraindicated after coitus, heavy labour and traveling.
  • People suffering from thirst, bleeding disorders, cough, hunger, giddiness and fainting, should avoid exercises.
  • Musicians, orators, teachers and ladies having a weak constitution are not advised to exercise.  






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