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Early Rising

Drinking cold water in the morning helps in the process of emptying the bladder and bowels i.e. removing the waste products from the body. The quantity to be drunk is eight anjalis (One Anjali is the amount contained in the concavity formed by joining both the hands with the fingers curved in).
  • A person having pitta constitution should drink water during the three hours before sunrise. 
  • A thin person, with pitta constitution should drink water kept overnight in a golden vessel whereas an obese person should drink water kept overnight in a copper vessel. 
  • For persons with vata and kapha constitutions, water with honey added to it is advised.
  • And for pitta constitution water and triphala [combination of harda (terminalia chebula), behada (terminalia belarica) and avala (emblica officinalis)] is advised.   
Cold water is beneficial for person suffering from
  • Mal-absorption 
  • Constipation 
  • Piles 
  • Abdominal disorders 
  • Abdominal distention. 
  • Urinary disorders 
  • Blood disorders 
  • Pittaja diseases 
  • Disorders of ears, nose, throat, head, eyes, back, pelvis and skin.
  • It also helps in improving the vision.  
One should avoid drinking water in the morning
  • After consuming fatty food like oil and ghee. 
  • After cleaning a wound. 
  • Distention of abdomen.
  • Heaviness of stomach.
  • Hiccough. 
  • Diseases of vata and kapha type. 
  • After blood letting. 






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