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Importance | Balanced Diet | The Three Gunas | Food Material

Drinking water and its rules
  • Although drinking little gulps of water is allowed in between meals, one should not take excess quantity of water while eating as it may dilute the nutrients and disturb the digestion. 
  • Large quantities may be allowed only an hour after taking the main course of meals. 
  • One should also avoid drinking water while feeling hungry. It may lead to digestive problems. 
Tambol sevan (chewing betel leaves)
Ayurveda recommends the chewing of betel leaves, fennel seeds etc., after the meals. This not only cleanses the mouth, it encourages salivation, enhances digestion, undo flatulence and removes bad breath from mouth.
Things that should be avoided after meal
  • Physical exertion and 
  • Strenuous exercise, 
  • Sexual activities immediately after meals. 
  • It is not desirable to go to bed immediately after taking meals.
Every individual should keep in mind the following seven points while eating
  • Inherent nature of dietetic recipes.
  • Method of cooking or processing.
  • Justification by combination of two or more substances.
  • Quantity of meals.
  • Suitability according to the place, climate and constitution.
  • The time factor i.e. day or night, season, age and health.
  • Observance of favours and aversions. 






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