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Food (Ahar), Sleep (nidra) and Brahmacharya (controlled sex) are regarded as the pillars or tripods holding life and health. Timely intake of suitable and good quality food, regular sleeping habits and controlled indulgence in sex ensure long and healthy life. 

Brahmacharya (celibacy) means a balanced sex and worldly life. It essentially negates over-indulgence in sex and similar worldly acts.   The practice of brahmacharya promotes life and preserves health and as such is an important practice. Carnal desires and their timely satisfaction play a very important role in maintaining good health and promoting longevity in adults. 

Ayurveda has never been in favour of voluntarily suppressing this urge (thereby inviting diseases) but much emphasis has been on the controlled indulgence of sex. Although Ayurveda says that the sexual maturity starts by 12th year in girls and 21st year in boys, it is advisable for them to avoid sex, marriage and conception till the 16th and 25th year of age (respectively in case of girls and boys), since the internal organs till the above mentioned ages are not fully matured.
Frequency of indulgence depends upon:
  • Age, 
  • Moods, 
  • Surroundings, 
  • Nutrition and 
  • Willingness of the other partner.  
Indulgence is advised during
  • Winter and spring season;
  • One can have sex as much as he wants or as much as his physical capacity and age permit. 
Indulgence is less advised during
  • During monsoons indulgence should be less and should not exceed twice a week. 
  • In summer, it should be substantially less i.e. to the extent of once in a fortnight.  
Benefits of following the rules advised in indulgence
  • To save the vital powers from draining out of body and 
  • To avoid physical over-exertion.
A normal person should avoid sex if
  • Physically over-stressed, 
  • Mentally not prepared; 
  • Worried or tense; 
  • Suffering from fever
  • Suffering from prolonged systemic disease; 
  • Having a venereal disease; 
  • Surroundings are not good; 
  • Partner is not willing. 

As all these factors may lead to physical or sexual problems.

Women should avoid sex
  • During menstruation; 
  • In very early or late pregnancy and 
  • After menopause.  
Males should avoid frequency of sex after 50 years of age. If all these rules are carefully observed, sex can become one of the most pleasing affair.






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