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  The balance potential for easily irritated tissues depends on the difference in potassium concentration between intra cellular and extra cellular fluid. This potential is lower than the potassium balance potential because of a minor sodium leak. The sodium ions will diffuse out of the cell again. Because of this, the intracellular potassium concentration is stable. 

The difference in potential influences the permeability. Some organs, such as brain and heart, generate strong magnetic fields (brain = 3 108 Gauss; heart = 105 Gauss). These values start changing in case of illnesses of the organs, for instance heart attack. This has led to the making of magneto-cardiograms and magneto-encephalograms. They give more information about the condition of the heart and brain than ECG and EEG.
      The fluctuation of magnetic fields of an organ is under  the influence of external factors, such as the magnetic fields of the earth, sun, moon, etc. Scientists have proved a relation between heart attacks and depressions on one hand and changes of magnetic field of the earth on the other hand. With the aid of magnets, with a static field of constant strength, the external field changes can be suppressed. They make it possible to come to balanced potentials within organs. These magnets have a stabilizing influence.
      The most recent developments in biomedicine science define health as a balance between the magnetic fields of different cell groups.


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