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          In Ayurveda the greatest emphasis is given to the complete knowledge of drugs including identification, procurement, processing, preparation and application under a separate branch of learning called “Bhaisajya-Kalpana”. No branch of Ayurveda can exist independently without the aid of aousadhas or Bhaisaj.

          The term Bhaisajya-Kalpana consists of two words, “Bhesaja” and “Kalpana”

          Bhesaja is defined as that which conquers the disease. In other words it means, “ the substance which helps to bring back the vitiated Doshas to their normal level or that which counter acts the diseased condition and brings back the body to a healthy state is known as Bhesaja.”

          Kalpana is a method or process or a kind of modification or plan of preparation of medicines using either a single drug or several drugs.

          The entire science of Ayurveda has been framed upon Trisutras (Hetu, Linga and Aousadha), among them, Aousadha is most important. It is held responsible for the alleviation of disease as well as the maintenance and promotion of good health. The drug is like an instrumental aid to a physician.
Importance of Bhaijasya Kalpana
          In Ayurveda the greatest importance is given to the Bhesaja because to treat the disease successfully, a physician should have good quality of drugs and for that he should have the complete knowledge about Bhesaja. 

          Bhaisajya Kalpana includes complete knowledge of drugs including the basic principles of drugs. It has described various procedures like addition or depletion of certain drugs, by keeping the drugs with certain Bhavana dravyas for specific times. If the physician has a good knowledge of Bhaisajya Kalpana he can treat the patient in a better manner.


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