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           The fourfold essence of human life is DHARMA (righteousness), ARTHA (wealth), PRITI (affection) and YASHA (fame), which are based on the offspring. So the man of self-restraint should always seek to maintain his virility by means of virilification, as righteousness, wealth, affection and good repute are dependant on the maintenance of healthy manhood, which is a means of begetting a son in whom these qualities are based. 

           According to Ayurvedic texts, one should not aim just for having offspring but should have SUBAHUPRAJA i.e. healthy and strong offspring who are physically as well as mentally fit and prove to be good citizens. This is the aim of vajikarana medicines. 

Vajikarana Therapy

           Vajikarana means the medicine or therapy by which the man becomes capable of copulating with the woman. It also helps in nourishing the body of the person.
Vajikarana is beneficial for
  • People desiring contentment, nourishment, children with good qualities, continuity of progeny and great happiness immediately. 
  • People who are of weak minded and who are suffering from diseases. 
  • Vajikarana (virilificatory recipes) is described to protect the wasting of the body. 
  • For the persons who are seeking pleasure constantly. 
  • For begetting children for continuing the progeny.  
Purification of body before Vajikarana...
  • The person should be administered with oleation, purification, decoction enema, lubricating enema for effective vajikarana therapy. 
  • Adopting proper procedure of food should be taken which constitutes milk, meat soup and boiled rice - along with ghee, oil, meat juice, sugar and honey etc. 
  • After these therapies, he should be asked to consume vajikarana recipes, which gives strength to the semen and the offspring. 
  • Aphrodisiac recipes should be administered after purifying the body and considering one's strength. 
  • Also the mind should be free of any mental tensions and should be happy, contented and cheerful.   


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