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To do or not to do...
Most of us are of the opinion that the genitals are dirty and that they smell or taste bad, but daily bathing and good hygiene keep everything remarkably clean. In fact mouth-to-genital contact is as infectious as kissing. 
Discussing about whether your partner is comfortable or not with oral sex is the best thing to do. Oral sex is not something that you have to do inorder to experience pleasure. It is just a form of sex and even if one of you is not keen about it, then it is best to refrain from doing it. But if both of you are ready for it,  then you can go ahead and enjoy it.

The secret to achieve a High degree of Ecstasy..

Excite her
Make her feel how much you love her by kissing her neck, scratch her back, stroke her buttocks, nibble at her toes, and every now and then just brush past her genitals. 
Kind words
A woman like when her man appreciates her or feels satisfied about the entire sexual course. Hence always let her know how much you enjoy it and keep repeating it. 

The other most important technique, is to find out what she feels good. Keep asking her whether it should be more faster or gentler. Keep reminding her that you want her to be satisfied too and you would do whatever she feels like.