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The following are the places for kissing
  • The forehead
  • The eyes
  • The cheeks
  • The throat
  • The bosom
  • The breasts
  • The lips
  • The interior of the mouth 
Others parts recommended as suitable for some, but not fit for all
  • The joints of the thighs
  • The arms
  • The navel (umbilicus) 
Three sorts of kisses
  • The nominal kiss.
    When kissing a lover, a girl touches only the lips with her own, it is called the "nominal kiss."
  • The throbbing kiss.
    When a girl moves her lower lip against his, but not the upper one, it is called the "throbbing kiss."
  • The touching kiss.
    When a girl touches her lover's lip with her tongue, and having shut her eyes, places her hands on those of her lover, it is called the "touching kiss."
Other authors describe four other kinds of kisses
  • The straight kiss.
    When the lips of two lovers are brought into direct contact with each other, it is called a "straight kiss."
  • The bent kiss.
    When the heads of two lovers are bent toward each other, and for a kiss, it is called a "bent kiss."
  • The turned kiss.
    When one of them turns up the face of the other by holding the head and chin, and then kissing, it is called a "turned kiss."
  • The pressed kiss.
    Lastly when the lower lip is pressed with much force, it is called a "pressed kiss."
There is also a fifth kind of kiss called the "greatly pressed kiss," which is effected by squeezing the lower lip between two fingers, and then after touching it with the tongue, pressing it with great force with the lip. 
When a man kisses the upper lip of a woman, while she kisses his lower lip, it is called the "kiss of the upper lip.
When one of them takes both the lips of the other between his or her own, it is called a "clasping kiss." A woman, however, takes this kind of kiss only from a man who has no moustache. 

And during this kiss, if one of them touches the teeth, the tongue, and the palate of the other, with his or her tongue, it is called the "fighting of the tongue."

Kissing is of four kinds
  • Moderate
  • Contracted
  • Pressed
  • Soft 
Different kind of kisses are appropriate for different parts of the body
  • When a woman kisses the face of her lover while he is asleep, to show her intention or desire, it is called a "kiss that kindles love."
  • When a woman kisses her lover while he is busy in business, or while he is quarrelling with her, or while he is looking at something else, so that his mind may be turned away, it is called a "kiss that turns away."
  • When a lover coming home late at night kisses his beloved, who is asleep on her bed, it is called a "kiss that awakens."
    On such an occasion the woman may pretend to be asleep so that she may know his intention and obtain respect from him.
  • When a person kisses the reflection of the person he loves in a mirror, in water, or on a wall, it is called a "kiss showing the intention."
  • When a person kisses a child sitting on his lap, or a picture, or an image, or figure, in the presence of the person beloved by him, it is called a "transferred kiss."
  • When at a theatre, or in an assembly of caste men, a man coming up to a woman kisses a finger of her hand if she be standing, or a toe of her foot if she be sitting, or when a women places her face on his thigh and kisses it or great toe, so as to arise his excitement, it is called a "demonstrative kiss."