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Love - an ongoing affair...
Foreplay includes hugging, kissing, cuddling and it should be an all-day, ongoing affair for an exciting and fun-filled time. Build up the passion throughout the day in order to enjoy a passion-filled night. Making love can be more fun if you display your love to her. Always compliment her on the way she looks, the way she dresses-up, etc. Call her up frequently and let her know how much you love her. Leave a love note for her. Surprise her with roses or by taking her out for dinner or by gifting her with something she always wanted to buy. 
Such small but essential things keeps the love from waning away and helps in building up love and trust for each other. 
Get into the mood
Setting the mood is extremely essential for a good foreplay. You can have an aromatic bath or give a sensual massage to each other. A candle-light dinner with soft music for accompaniment is the right example for setting the mood for a passion-filled night.
A shared shower can be extremely exciting as you can arouse her by lathering her body and0 spending extra time in the erogenous zones, like her breasts, buttocks, back and stomach. Aromatic oils should also be used for giving the right effect. Just by sprinkling some fragrance on the sheets will serve as a good add-on.
The Touch Factor
The touch factor is main in communicating your feelings to her. The way you touch and feel her will indicate the amount of love you have for her. Ideally ask her to lie down and close her eyes, then work your fingers over her body smoothly in circular movements. Gently press her face, breasts and stomach,  then run your fingers through her hair. In a way gently massage her body and let her relax. Both of you can practice sensual massage on each other for better results.
Kissing is the best part of a foreplay. Spend more time on each others lips, bite them softly or lick them gently. Touch the comers of the mouth with your tongue and kiss with different grades of intensity. 

Open each others' mouth gently and play with your tongue. Do not try to experiment on new methods of kissing, instead try to enjoy the moment and concentrate solely on the mouth.

Steps to an effective foreplay...
  • Start by unbuttoning your shirt and she her dress slowly while maintaining eye contact. Start a passionate kiss.
  • Keep undressing while kissing and slowly move downwards to the nape of her neck , her shoulders....
  • Then slip your shirt off and let her feel your chest and shoulders.
  • Kick off your shoes with flair and quickly remove your socks.
  • Let her unzip your zipper, and then pull your pants down. Similarly help her in getting undressed. 
  • By this time the passion would have build up enough to last an entire night.
Dream lover
Sharing your erotic dreams with each other will help in enhancing your sexual life. Try and copy the dream sequence and match your satisfaction levels. Experiment new things and keep working on them till you find bliss. Maybe with practice, one day you will achieve the status of a dream lover.