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Food and Eroticism
Food plays an important role in sexual intercourse. Primarily food gives one more energy to perform better and secondly when one is well-fed and healthy, one is more likely to think about sex. Therefore nutrition and sex go together.

Food plays a crucial role in setting the right moods for the right occasion. Passion is one such thing that gets a boost with the intake of the right kind of food. Food also helps in increasing our creativity and thereby one is able to enhance ones love life. Chocolate, whipped cream, grapes, wine all are good sex foods in the sense that they help increase the heat in the atmosphere. Lastly, how can one forget the chemical connection that is the affect chemicals in food have on our moods.
Erotic Meals
Any meal can be erotic if one has the right attitude. By just taking the initiative to prepare dinner or help in the kitchen is all that's needed to arouse your partner. Chocolate, whipped cream, grapes, wine, strawberries all can be categorized as sensual foods. Foods like almonds, apples, beets, carrots, chicken, eggs, milk, peanuts, pineapples, soybeans, spinach, tomatoes etc. too are thought to give a natural high.

After preparing the meal, enjoy the meal together-either clothed or naked, the choice is yours, but naked would be more enjoyable. Feed each other creatively and use your bodies than plates or napkins. Use your tongue effectively and enjoy the meal thoroughly. Later you can always have a nice a warm bath together. 

Avoid Alcohol Consumption
Drinking provokes the desire, but it takes away the performance. Alcohol tends to arouse your feelings but it also acts as a depressant. Hence too much drinking will have a real depressing effect on your sex drive and performance.
A quick bout of coitus can be extremely erotic and an elaborate form of foreplay. Spontaneity is the main essence of a quickie but you can plan it in advance as the buildup over the morning hours, the waiting, and the anticipation can prove to be a very powerful aphrodisiac.

Quickies can occur at any time and any place. But most couples prefer the lunch time as they get a good break from a busy schedule.

If your quick exchange is so quick that you have to confine it to the elevator or stairwell, learn the fine art of having sex with your clothes on. Start training at home and then once you have mastered the skill of speedily removing or opening strategic items of clothing with minimal confusion, then you can experiment anywhere, anyhow.