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           Things that increase virility of a man are known as aphrodisiacs. Any substance, which is sweet, unctuous, strengthens the body, increases strength and is pleasing to the mind - all these are called as Vrishya dravya (aphrodisiac substances).

Main aphrodisiacs

  • Massaging and bathing of the body,
  • Wearing fragrant garlands, pleasant dress and beautiful ornaments.
  • Swimming in a pond full of lotus; bees humming intoxicated by the nectar of those flowers, with attendants and others providing for happiness of the mind.
  • Seasons like spring season, or rainy season also cool weather or climate.
  • Betel chewing, wine and madira (another kind of wine) also act as an aphrodisiac. 
  • Beautiful wife on his lap, in the night shining by moonlight gives aphrodisiac effect.
  • Female / wife acts as a best aphrodisiac
  • Things that we are desiorus of also work as aphrodisiacs.
Stri as a vajikarana (Aphrodisiac) 
  • Females are a good promoter of all the five sense organs especially women who possess delectable qualities of all the senses established together.
  • The quality of beauty, gestures, and actions, provoke the sense of sight.
  • The female who is good looking, young, clean, skilled in sex, and who speaks lovingly, her sight itself is satisfying. Such a woman is a good aphrodisiac to a man.
Relation of sense organs with vajikarana
           All the (five) sensory pleasures should be enjoyed to the maximum; they are the sprouts of the kalpa vriksa and the five arrows of the cupid. 
           Each one of the objects of the sense organs yeilds happiness and love, and all of them are present together in the body of the woman.


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