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The Virilific Ghee

  • Fresh black gram and fresh seeds of cowage, each 258 tolas, jivaka, rishabhaka, veera, meda, riddhi, climbing asparagus, liquorices, and winter cherry each 16 tolas should be decocted together.
    (1 tola = 10 grams / 10 ml )
  • In this decoction, cow's ghee 64 tolas, cow's milk 640 tolas, juice of white yam 64 tolas and sugar-cane juice 64 tolas should be boiled over a low fire and the ghee thus prepared should be mixed with sugar, bamboo manna and honey, each 16 tolas and long pepper 4 tolas.
  • He, who wishes to have an inexhaustible store of semen and great phallic strength, should take a dose of 4 tolas of this ghee before meals.  
Virilifying diet  / formulations
  • The man who after a surfeit meal of sparrow-flesh takes milk does not experience phallic depression or decrease of seminal store throughout the night.
  • One, who drinks milk after a meal of the shashtika rice mixed generously with ghee and with black gram-gruel, remains awake with an undiminished sex-urge through the entire night. 
  • Ghee and the pith of climbing asparagus should be boiled together in ten times the quantity of milk. This is mixed with sugar, long pepper and honey, acts as an excellent virilific.
  • Powder of krsna and fruits of dhatri soaked well for a long time in its own juice and mixed with sugar, honey and ghee, followed by drinking of milk. The man who drinks this formulation, though aged eighty years, copulates like a youth. 
  • He, who licks powder of madhuka added with ghee and honey followed by drinking milk, remains powerful always.
  • Kulirasrngi dissolved in milk and food taken along with sugar, ghee and milk helps to develop vigour.
  • He, who consumes payasya cooked in milk to which honey and ghee are added followed by drinking of milk of a cow which has delivered the calf a year before, has a good amount of semen. 
  • An aged man who consumes, Dadhi-sara (solid part of curdled milk), mixed with boiled sastika rice to which sugar is added and pressed through clean cloth, feels like a youth.
  • One, who drinks milk after a meal of the shashtika rice mixed generously with ghee and with black gram-gruel, remains awake with an undiminished sex-urge throughout night. 
  • A female is considered as the best aphrodisiac as she is the promoter of all the five sense organs. 
Khir Yoga (milk preparation)
  • Milk should be prepared with the drugs of the somniferous, life promoting, vitalizing and lactiferous groups separately and mixed with wheat-flour, ghee, honey and sugar.
  • These preparations should be taken one after the other in succession by one desiring inexhaustible store of semen. 


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