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Sun Block
Sunlight is one of the  biggest cause of skin ageing. Use a sunscreen daily, this will guard skin against burning and also will prevent the skin from becoming prematurely aged.
Cigarette smoking slows down the rate of regeneration of new cells and speeds up the ageing process because it strips your skin of oxygen. 

Since  heavy smokers constantly pursue their lips to draw on a cigarette ,fine lines develop around their mouth . Due to smoking  the skin becomes gray  and appears sluggish. 
  • To give the skin most youthful and fresh glow it is very essential that the skin is clear from the dead skin cells, dirt and make up.
  • This is done by using a creamy cleanser  with  a cotton wool. 
  • Massage  skin with an oily cleanser if the skin is of dry type. 
  • Leave it on your skin for a few minutes and  then wash away  with warm water.
Pamper  the skin weekly  with a moisturizer. Use a nourishing face mask or apply a thick layer of usual moisturizer or night cream. Keep it  for 5-10 minutes, then remove the excess with tissues. 
Increase the blood flow to the top layers and encourage cell renewal by exercising a gentle facial scrub once a week. This makes the surface of the skin soft and smooth. The same effect can be achieved by lathering up a facial wash with a clean shaving brush.
Disguise Lines
Light- reflecting foundations, concealers and powders can minimize the existing lines to the extent  that they are almost invisible to the naked eye. They contain luminescent particles which bounce light away from the skin. This gives skin a brilliant luminosity and     makes the lines less noticeable.
Self Pampering
Treat your skin occasionally to special treatment such as facials, serums and anti-ageing creams. This will result in  healthily glowing look of the skin.
Weather Vain
The skin should be pampered according to the climate. Apply oily product in the winter, to  keep the skin well lubricated but in hot weather, lighter formulations are more comfortable on the skin.
Gentle Touch
The skin around your eyes is most sensitive and shows the signs of ageing. Skin may get stretched if a heavy touch is applied. Therefore take utmost care that the skin is not  dragged while applying  skin-care products or make-up. 

Take your strokes upwards and do not drag the skin down. Always use a light touch to the skin.

Avoid products that cause reaction like itching, stinging or inflammation of the skin.
Beneficial Make-up
To treat your skin superficially and  improve it's appearance make-up products nowadays contain UV filters and skin-nourishing ingredients. 


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