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Procedure to cause perspiration is known as sudation therapy. It liquefies vitiated doshas and brings them in the koshtha (alimentary canal).
  • It promotes the penetration of oil inside the body. Due to svedana, toxins are expelled in form of sweat.
  • It removes the stiffness, heaviness, coldness and inflammation of the body.
  • After the oleation therapy, the patient should be administered fomentation. 
  • Sudation should be done in a room devoid of heavy breeze.
  • The patient should have been lubricated both internally and externally. 
  • It should be done after the digestion of food.
  • It should be either mild, moderate or heavy depending upon the disease, the land (habitat) and the season.  
  • Causes softness and brilliance of the skin.
  • Sudation therapy increases the digestive capacity.
  • It also increases the desire to eat and cleanliness of the orifices.
  • It removes laziness and stupor.
  • It makes the stiffened joints move quickly.
  • If administered after oleation, fomentation brings vata under control and thereby facilitates the elimination of faeces, urine and semen.
  • The doshas which have been lubricated and localised in the alimentary tract, in the various tissues and channels, in the extremities and bones get liquefied by sudation therapy and are brought into the alimentary tract to be eliminated (out of the body) by appropriate purification therapies.  
Importance of sudation
                Even when dry pieces of wood bend by means of application of oleation and sudation, then how can living beings not be benefited.
Specificity of sudation
  • Sudation is considered efficacious.
  • Sudation should be well medicated which is neither too hot nor too mild. 
  • It should be applied to the proper region with due consideration of the disease, season and vitality of the patient.  



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