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Origin of Poison








We all are aware of poisons. There are poisonous snakes, insects, spiders, plants, chemicals etc. 
Toxicology or science of poisons deals with diagnosis, symptoms and treatment of poisons and the methods of overcoming them.

In ancient times, vishkanyas (poisonous girls) were used to kill enemies. These girls were made poisonous from the very childhood by giving poisons in very small doses. Then the doses were increased slowly. By the time they reached adolescence, they used to be deadly poisonous. In those times, poisons were used in wars also. The poison was applied to the tip of the weapon to kill. 

Presently, new poisons are being invented everyday. Their use is increasing in constructive as well as destructive forms of work. They are widely used in drugs, cosmetics, insecticides, pesticides, household cleaning chemicals, industries etc. 
The increased use of poisons is giving rise to new problems everyday. We know how dreadful the Bhopal Gas Tragedy was. We are also aware of the destructive effects of nuclear war. All these things are giving rise to new diseases, which in return gives rise to the increased responsibility of science of poisons and scientists.
Toxicology has two main aims: Firstly, to protect healthy people from effects of poisons and secondly, the treatment of the influence of poison through bites of snakes, insects, spiders etc. or consumption of natural, artificial and mixed poisons. In this module, a brief idea of toxicology has been provided. We all know about poisons but we are hardly aware of its origin. Therefore, the mythological origin of poison has been described.
Poisons are of two types i.e. artificial and natural. Each having different characteristics. Sometimes, it is too late to give treatment for poisoning. To prevent this situation, the clinical features and general methods of treatment according to Ayurveda are given. 












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