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       Preservation of drugs i.e. Dravya Samraksana is explained in detail in Ayurveda. Drugs collected at proper time must be collected and preserved properly at proper place for its proper utility. Proper preservation is very important to protect the potency (active principles) and prolong the shelf life of a drug / preparation for longer period.


Raw drugs and equipments

Equipments of Parada karma


Washing, Cleaning


Lord Shiva


Cutting, Chopping

Grinding, Pounding

Boiling ,
Frying, Distilling etc.  

All these procedures are carried out in Bhesajashala 
  • Drying
  • Washing
  • Cleaning
  • Cutting 
  • Grinding 
  • Boiling
  • Frying
  • Chopping 
  • Pounding and
  • Distilling 
These are essentials of Bhesajashala 
  • Raw drugs and equipments,
  • Equipments for Parada Karma and
  • Worship of Lord Shiva.
Bhesajagara (Store-house)
  • Bhesajagara plays a major role in preserving the drugs hence it should be constructed on an elevated, dry and even land. 
  • The flooring and walls must be waterproof. 
  • The height of the roof must be 15 ft. - 20 ft. 
  • Proper arrangements should be done for cross ventilation. 
  • The place should be well protected from the external forces like the rain, wind and sun.
  • Rooms must be spacious and provided with metallic containers having 4'x 2'x 3' size with suitable lids and they should be arranged in 4-5 rows over platforms of 1 ft. height. In these containers drugs should be stored.
  • In between two rows of platforms there must be sufficient space to move about. Each container should be labelled, showing the name and quantity of the drug, date of storage, place of collection etc.
  • In front of the Bhesajagara, there must be a wide-open yard having cemented flooring and a compound. This space must be used to dry the drugs. Once every 2-3 months, stored drugs should be dried by exposing them to the sun. This helps in preserving the drugs for a longer duration.
Method of preservation of drugs
  • Acharya Charaka opines that the drugs should be preserved in wooden containers, having similar properties of the drug.
  • To preserve the drugs, the bhesajagara should be constructed facing either North or East with proper ventilation.
  • There should not be direct entry of wind or rain. 
  • It must be protected from dust, smoke, rats and other animals.
  • It must be fumigated with krimihara dravyas like guggulu, vidanga etc.
  • Auspicious activities like puja must be conducted at the place. Cloth or mud containers must be used to preserve the drugs.
  • According to Bhavaprakas, medicines should be systematically preserved in a room, where the atmosphere is not affected by smoke, rain or dampness.
  • While preserving the drugs, they should be covered by pieces of dry linen and kept in earthen or china clay pots or wooden boxes. These containers must be hung on pegs that are well arranged in a protected drug-apartment, situated in a clean and suitable place.



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