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Medicinal plants are classified on the basis of their action. Keeping in mind their composition they are divided into 
  • Doshprashaman (Pacifying the doshas)
  • Dhatupradushan (Vitiating the dhatus)
  • Swasthahita (Maintaining and propagating health)
Herbs help in the following functions of our body systems. Like for e.g. the herbs help as an appetizer, they help in the digestive process, they help in the absorption of food etc. Given below are the various use of herbs in the various systems.
  • Digestive system - deepan (appetizer), pachan (digestive), vamak (emetic), virechak (purgative), grahi (absorbable).
  • Circulatory system - shonitsthapan (Constitution of blood in body increases)
  • Respiratory - kashara (cough-sustaining), swashara (anti-asthematic)
  • Reproductive system - Vrushya (aphrodisiac), vajikaran (aphrodisiac), prajasthapan (promoting fertility), garbhasthapan (promotes conception).
  • Urinary system - mutrasangrahaneeya (collection), mutravvirajaneeya (gives colour to urine), mutravirechniya (Diuretic) 
  • Skin - swedopag (causing perspiration), swedapnayan, romshatan (which causes hair falling), romasanjanan , kandughna (reduces itching), kushthaghna (skin disease).
  • Body temperature - jwarahara (antipyretic)
  • Nervous system - medhya (generating intelligence), sangnyasthapan (which restores consciousness), madak (intoxicant).
  • Satmikaran - rasayan (rejuvenation), balya (increases the functional capacity), bruhan (anabolism), jeevaniya (promotes longevity).



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