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Myth: Women don't like sex
Women enjoy sex as much as the next guy or girl. Due to the image society demands on the woman, she needs to hide her sexual desires. The truth is, a woman's sex drive is as great as a man's.
Myth: Penis size matters
There are some exceptions, but, penis length does not matter. A woman's vagina too come in different shapes and sizes. The only penis size that does matter is the girth. Women generally prefer a thicker penis over a longer one. 

Surgery can be done to lengthen or thicken penis if one is not satisfied with the existing size.
Myth: Sex with your partner will never be as exciting as it was in the beginning of your relation.
It is normal to fall into a dull routine after you have explored the same body hundreds of times. Hence it is better to keep experimenting with different positions or locations, taking vacations, using sex toys, watching adult movie etc. to bring back the fireworks.
Myth: Big feet, big hands big noses are signs of big penises
There appears to be no correlation between body-part size and penis size.
Myths: Masturbation has no place in a good sex life
Masturbation enhances sex. For example, masturbation can teach you ejaculatory control. Watching your partner masturbate can also tell you what kind of touching turns her on. Masturbation is also convenient when you want to feel good fast.
Myth: Sex Is natural-no one needs help
Sex is the ultimate expression of intimacy. It is a natural feeling but inorder to enjoy sex one needs to learn more about each others' feelings and desires. Sex is a cosmos of exploration and one can find immense satisfaction by discovering new depths of love.
Myth: Good sex means rip-roaring, sheet-spitting, mattress-melting sex
What women want is more intimacy, a loving and caring moment rather than a ravaging sex. Truly enlightened sex is one that has more love than just passion to it.
Myth: Women cannot ejaculate
According to researchers female ejaculation comes in the midst of climax for women experiencing deep vaginal stimulation, particularly of the G-spot, a sensitive bundle of nerves-.on the upper, front wall of a woman's vagina.