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Changing Locations
Variety is the spice of life and it begins right at your home. Monotony leads to boredom and hence it is necessary to change locations for sex to be interesting and enjoyable. Just move out of your bedroom and scout for new places at your home, it could be your kitchen, your living room, anyplace, just change the location and feel the difference.  
Time Schedule
If you find it difficult to change your location then try and change the time. Have sex in the morning just before getting up or take a break from your office lunchtime to have sex, how'z that!!  Build up your passion and just do it whenever you feel like with the right person, you need not get bound by time anymore. If time is a constraint then try having sex in a number of different positions for a change.
Changing furniture 
For a change shift from your bed and try the living room couch or the floor or the dining-table. Try and experiment new places rather then the same old boring bed. For the adventurous kind you can even try out you friends' or neighbours' bed. Try it may prove to be one hell of a time.
Honeymoon time
People usually tend to forget their honeymoon once they are busy with their daily routine. Try and take a break regularly from your busy schedule and go out on a vacation. Sex could be more interesting when the surroundings are beautiful and pleasant. A hotel room proves to be more inviting too as it's fun to be in a strange place and to wake up in a strange bed. So start planning your trip right away. But if you are stuck up with too much work and cannot plan a vacation, then just book a room in a good hotel and have a good time.