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Q) Are there any method to know the sex of foetus in early pregnancy ?
Ans: Prenatal sex determination or Amniocentesis can be done  whereby the fluid which surrounds the developing baby in womb called amniotic fluid is taken out for sex chromosome identification which determine sex of foetus. Sex of foetus can also be judged by sonography around 12 to 16 weeks of pregnancy. Out of the two Amniocentesis is reliable.
Q) Can birth defects be detected while the woman is pregnant ?
Ans: Yes. The procedure performed is called Amniocentesis and is usually done in aged mothers (35-40 years of age), after 15 weeks of pregnancy. Birth defects like Down's syndrome, Mongolism and Hydrocephalus can be diagnosed. 
Q) Can blood donation cause HIV infection in the recepient?
Ans: Transfusion of HIV-infected blood or blood products can cause HIV infection in the recepient. Therefore, donors should be screened for HIV infection.
Q) Can donating blood cause HIV infection in the donor?
Ans: Donating blood, as such, does not cause AIDS. However, blood donation should be done only at blood banks in recognized public hospitals, where sterile disposable equipment is used. Disposable needles should be used, which should be discarded after a single use, leaving no chance of transmitting the HIV infection.
Q) What causes erectile dysfunction apart from psychological reasons.
Ans: Erectile dysfunction may be related to various psychogenic and physical factors. In healthy young men, it is mostly psychogenic.
Erectile dysfunction or impotence has been present since creation of man and increases gradually with age and is much higher than expected.
A proper sexual and medical history as well as a focused physical examination allows to reach diagnosis in most cases. Investigations are ordered if deemed necessary to confirm a certain condition or direct future treatment. Many organic factors could also be involved in the development of impotence. Organic impotence could be related to vascular risk factors, neurological factors, hormonal factors, medical illnesses or drug induced.
The general advice regarding preservation of potency and health is to avoid smoking, drugs and alcohol, as well as to control general medical disorders mainly high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. Exercise and healthy living (avoiding excess fatty foods and dairy products) are also advisable. 
Q) Is it possible to enjoy sex without coitus? 
Ans: Yes, one can. Sex is not just coitus. The most important thing is to communicate to your partner about your likes and dislikes. One needs to explore the whole body. Sucking a woman's nipples, sensuous massaging around the genitals, fondling each other's genitals etc. could help in enhancing the pleasure. Oral sex could be highly stimulating and satisfying. Men can reach orgasm without erection as well. 
Q) Is it possible to contract AIDS from pets?
Ans: No.

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