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Q) How important is penis size and does short penis lead to impotency? What should one do to increase penis size?
Ans: One should not correlate size with potency. A normal erect penis is 4-6 inches in length. Size does not matter, as even if the erect penis measures one inch, one can satisfy anyone sexually because outer one inch of vagina is most sensitive in sex.   
Q) What is a period ?
Ans: Period is the cyclic bleeding through vagina, that starts at the age of 9 to 15, anytime on puberty and continues till menopause around middle age. Period is also called terms, menses etc.
Q) Why do breasts feel a bit tender on the menstrual day? 
Ans: It is because of increased blood congestion due to increased amount of progesterone in the body.
Q) Can teenagers involve in sex? 
Ans:  Teenagers basically are still in the process of developing personality and emotional integrity. Sexual intercourse involves a lot of maturity where joy and its after effects can be understood well. Hence it is better to wait for some more years, but older teens can involve themselves into serious relationships.
Q) Is it true that one can have orgasm by breast stimulation alone? 
Ans: Yes its true that some women have orgasm just by breast stimulation, but its not a problem if you do not have it.
Q) What is masturbation?
Ans: Masturbation is self-stimulation of the genitals for pleasure, which may or may not be pursued to the point of orgasm.
Q) How do men masturbate?
Ans: For men, the most common method is to hold the penis with the hand, so as to encircle it in the palm and produce friction by to-and -fro movements, often till orgasm and ejaculation are reached. 
Q) Do women masturbate? 
Ans: Yes, women do masturbate by rubbing a finger on the clitoris.