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Harmful Effects

Industrial solid wastes are disposed from coal and mineral industries, mining industries, metal industries, engineering industries and thermal power stations. 

Biomedical waste includes anatomical waste, syringes, gauze, absorbents, glass. Serious health problems are caused by such disposals. Rotting of it in front of clinics, street corners is not uncommon due to which rag pickers, mostly children are attacked by the hepatitis virus or jaundice-causing virus. The dumping of solid wastes spoils the beauty of cities and towns, causing health problems. 

The Garbage becomes breeding grounds for disease-carrying vectors such as flies, mosquitoes, rats and cockroaches. Reports say that about 8,00,000 flies is produced in one cubic meter of garbage, which carry pathogenic organisms, causing dysentery, diarrhea, etc. Rats, carriers of insects and bio-organisms, cause plague.

Present mode of management collects the garbage from the city, transporting to a remote place, where it is incinerated or dumped again. The easiest solution is recycling the waste as it yields revenue, compensating for the expenditure on its collection and transportation. Metallic wastes, metallic scraps, disposed metallic cans and wrecked automobiles are reprocessed and utilized while plastic materials are melted to mould into useful articles.



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