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The activity calculator enables in calculating the calories burnt by a person in different kinds of sports activity.

Time: minutes


playing a game
Running: 5.2 mph (11.5 min/mile)
12-13.9 mph
Running: 6 mph 
(10 min/mile)
BMX or mountain
Running: 6.7 mph 
(9 min/mile)
14-15.9 mph
Running: 7.5 mph 
(8 min/mile)
Boxing: sparring Running: 8.6 mph 
(7 min/mile)
touch, flag, general
Running: 10 mph 
(6 min/mile)
Frisbee Running: cross-country
Golf: carrying clubs Softball: general play
Golf: using cart Swimming: general
Gymnastics: general Tennis: general
Handball: general Volleyball: non-competitive
Hiking: cross-country Volleyball: competitive
Martial Arts: general Volleyball: beach
Racquetball: competitive Walk: 3.5 mph 
(17 min/mi)
casual, general
Walk: 4 mph 
(15 min/mi)
Rock Climbing: ascending Walk: 4.5 mph 
(13 min/mi)
Rock Climbing: repelling Walk/Jog: 
jog 10 min.
Rollerblade Skating Water Skiing
Rope Jumping Water Polo
Running: 5 mph (12 min/mile)


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