Learn the interactive way

Healthepic launches this unique product Panchakarma interactive Cd-rom which allows the student to learn the basics of Ayurveda and the indepth knowledge of the centuries old therapy Panchakarma an integral part of Ayurveda.

  • Students in understanding the deep insights of Panchakarma therapy and Ayurveda and easy audio video learning mode of education.
  • Teachers can use this Cd-rom to teach the students during their lecture to facilitate the easy understanding of scientific as well as traditional views on this therapy. They can easily add a few points of their own interpretation in the notes section of the Cd-rom.
  • Doctors of a other fraternities can use this Cd-rom to attain some knowledge of this widely used therapy in the modern world 
  • Normal users the users can use this Cd-rom to help themselves gain some knowledge of the various kinds of treatment offered through this widely acclaimed therapy.

  • It has a very lucid language 
  • Doctors who are specialized in the field of Panchakrma and Ayurveda have prepared the content. 
  • The Cd-rom browsing is facilitated according to the user( movie clips, images and text can be controlled directly by the user ) 
  • The student or doctor viewing it is provided a special notes window to type in some notes he/she would like to add in by himself. 
  • There are movie clips specially describing each process which helps in understanding the process in a better manner.
  • 3 D graphical interface to describe the physiological effects of each process.