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During pregnancy, there will be many things, which you will have to sacrifice for and one of the main things would be the way you look. If you are very conscious about your external looks, you will need to change your perspective for a few months. Up to five or even six months of your pregnancy, many of your normal clothes will be wearable, if they fit loosely. However, if you are conscious of your increasing tummy, a few new outfits may greatly improve your morale, and you don't have to buy special maternity wear. Look for clothes that are attractive, comfortable and easy to care for.

During this period, you will also feel more stuffy and hot, so look for loose-fitting clothes, made of cotton or other natural fibres. If it's cold, put on layers. Avoid anything that is tight around the waist or that restricts blood flow in your legs, such as tight knee-high socks. Apart from that, comfortable, low-heeled shoes are essential, although completely flat heels should be avoided. The hospital will probably provide all you need for the baby during your stay.

Checklist of important things to carry to the hospital
  • Tissues
  • Big plastic bags for dirty washing. 
  • Two to three machine-washable cotton nightdresses and a dressing gown, preferably front opening, with buttons that undo well below the breasts for breast-feeding.
  • Breast pads which you can slip inside your bra to absorb leaking milk. Shaped ones are best.
  • Nipple cream for relieving sore nipples.
  • Two packets of stick-on sanitary pads.
  • Wide support straps.
  • Two to three nursing bras. You can wear the bras that you were wearing throughout pregnancy, if you are not breast-feeding. Choose large ones, with plenty of air holes.
The baby needs clothes for coming home in too, so set aside these things
  • Two nappies (don't forget a pin and plastic pants if you're not using disposables) 
  • stretch suit or nightie
  • Blanket (for cold weather). 


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