WELCOME TO HEALTHEPIC - The gateway to healthy universe.

Healthepic is a portal dedicated to provide knowledge & useful information right from diseases, its cause, and precaution remedies through different therapies. It will also contain the information about specific disease, research articles & even few pages on the achievement of doctors. It has provided specialized information about the problems faced by females. It also provides the communication services that improve the way information is used by the healthcare system.

Healthepic (India) Pvt. Ltd. has undertaken a project to network the medical field, an effort to form a platform for interaction between Doctors & fellow doctors, medical students, commoners & many more people with the joint efforts of Medical Professionals and IT technical experts

Company wants to create a niche in the area of web development producing educative & informative multimedia CDís, web based multi media products specializing in medical field. 

Healthepic is affiliated with doctorís team. They all are holistic health care professionals. They are working on up gradation of the database with new upcoming in the medical field.

To learn more we invite you to surf our web site for information about our company, our services & our commitment to improve healthcare.